What are Outreach Services?

Outreach is a home delivery service for people living in the East Bonner County Free Library District who cannot come to the library. This includes people in assisted living facilities.

Who is eligible for Outreach?

Outreach services are available to patrons in the East Bonner County Library district that are homebound, disabled or restricted by physical limitations.

Does it cost anything to be part of Outreach?

No. Outreach is a free service for those who qualify.

What services are available through Outreach?

We provide much the same services to our Outreach patrons as we do to those who are able to visit the library. We deliver regular and large print books, magazines, DVD's, audiobooks, CD’s, and eReaders. Materials are checked out for 3 weeks or 2 weeks, depending on the item, and are renewable if no one else is waiting for them.

What about someone who is legally blind or cannot hold a book due to physical constraints?

We partner with the State Program which provides books on tape and a “Talking Book Machine” on which to play them. The machine is sent to you by the State Library on loan along with your favorite books by your favorite authors. Large Print Books can be sent to you through the same program. 

If you or someone you know could benefit from any of the outreach services above, please call Lynn Hayes at 263-6930 ext. 1212.

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