Do you work? Whether your answer to that question is “Way too much” or “Of course, but I wish I didn’t,” I strongly suspect it’s something in the affirmative, because we all work, one way or another. You might work in the home, or in the office, or in the field, or in the forest, or… you get the picture. But you work. And whether you enjoy it or not (I sincerely hope the former), there are tons of resources out there to make your working life more manageable. And…drumroll… many of these resources can be found at your Library!


For the past year and a half, I’ve worked on an Idaho Library Association committee with the lovely acronym of LiLAC. Far from studying aromatic flowering shrubs, LiLAC focuses on “Library Leadership Advisory,” which means that we frequently beta-test activities designed to bring personal and professional development opportunities to Idaho library staff. One of these activities involved writing about our biggest daily challenge. We had a series of prompts to choose from, and I selected this one: “I’m good at doing my own work, but how do I get the work done through others?” I then wrote a couple of slightly snarky paragraphs about getting all “E’s” for Excellent on my grade school report cards, except for the dreaded “S” for Satisfactory (gasp!) for Works Well With Others. Long story short, this simple exercise helped me recognize a pattern of chronic self-reliance that I had developed 20+ years ago and managed to hold on to even while working for over a decade in one of the most collaborative professions out there. My point - and I do have one - is that it’s never too late to direct your focus inward and ask yourself whether or not the ways you’ve been doing things in the past are still the best ways to advance your personal or professional goals in the present.


What worked for your friend, or mother, or coworker, might not work for you. The best resources are not necessarily those you have to work for, but those that work FOR YOU, so if a book or blog or podcast isn’t striking a chord, try something else! This is what makes the Library an ideal partner for your journey because it lets you try out all these resources and more FOR FREE. To help get you started, the LiLAC team recently compiled a list of popular personal and professional development resources that you can find on the Library shelves or online. Here’s a short selection:

For more ideas, search “success” or “self-realization” in our online catalog, or browse the 150’s and 650’s on the shelves. Happy hunting!

Vanessa Velez, Collection Development Librarian

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