Winter has truly arrived. It’s a great time to read some of those books you’ve been meaning to get around to. That’s what I plan to do, and I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this post on the library blog, you may have similar plans. I know that my co-workers certainly do. I’ve lost count of how many of them so far just this season have said, “On days like this, I’d rather be home enjoying a good book.” For all of us who find ourselves absorbed in a great read from time to time, those words have likely crossed our lips in one iteration or another more than once. Few experiences are more comforting during our long winters.

Many people, some of them our neighbors and friends, unfortunately, can’t share in this experience because they can’t read.

A shocking 2013 article in USA Today citing a study by the U.S. Department of Education states “about 1 in 7 US adults... [have] such low literacy skills that it would be tough for them to read anything more challenging than a children's picture book or to understand a medication's side effects listed on a pill bottle.”

If you’re able to read this, by teaching literacy, you may be able to change the life of someone who can’t. By tutoring a student in our Lifelong Learning Center (LLC), you can help someone in our community to achieve his/her goals and experience life to the fullest through literacy.

Opportunities are frequently available to tutor a child, youth or adult in reading, writing, ESL, math, critical thinking skills, GED test prep and more.

Break the cycle of illiteracy and promote education and a lifelong love of learning. Start by completing our Volunteer application.

We offer individualized learning programs for both our learners and tutors. A wide range of experience and skill levels accepted. The desire to help others is the number one priority.

Have questions about the tutoring program? Contact me ( or the LLC Coordinator Mike Bauer (

Annette Anderson, Volunteer Coordinator

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