We have more than twice as many volunteers as staff. Without their help in nearly every department, our library would be a very different place. They do far more than just shelving. Volunteers make many of the programs and services you love possible. Now they are helping us to expand our library so that we can offer you even more.

denny and caleb garageCaleb and Denny assembling
temporary shelving in the garage 

Over the past couple of weeks, our library transformation took a great leap forward when our volunteers worked with staff to relocate more than ¼ our our collections to make way for new carpeting.

If you’ve been to the library recently, you’ve surely noticed the changes, but I bet you didn’t know that so much of the work was done by our volunteers. We have a great library because of the tremendous amount of help we receive, and now we are all working together to make it even better.

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